Brian W. Kaufman – Vice President


Mr. Kaufman has a strong background in landscape architecture, urban design, site planning and residential community planning. Brian has exceptional conceptualization, illustration, graphic communication, and design skills. He also has a strong computer illustration and modeling skills that bring a unique presentation to a wide variety of assignments. In addition, his project management and problem solving abilities have allowed Brian to make substantial contributions to Kaufman Engineering clients.



Kaufman Engineering, Inc. – 1997 – Present
Current Position: Vice President
Most recently, Brian has been serving as the project manager on the Taylor Colliery Redevelopment project. This brownfield / grayfield project will dramatically transform over 150 acres of former anthracite coal mines and related support areas into a mixed use redevelopment of commercial, office, residential use. These uses will be surrounded and connected by reclaimed open green space which comes in stark contrast with the propertys current condition. Currently, this redevelopment and reclamation project enjoys tremendous local and governmental support. The development value has been estimated at + $115,000,000 and is projected to create 255 full time jobs when completed.

Mr. Kaufman is also involved in an unprecedented demonstration project which involves planting various types of native trees and shrubs on a Pennsylvania landfill. The findings of this ongoing experiment are so promising that one day they may transform landfill design and possibly the publics perception of landfills in general. Over the past ten years Brian has spent a substantial amount of time and effort studying the aesthetics of various engineering projects. These efforts have led Brian to developed unique strategies in approaching and communicating design ideas to other professionals, members of the public and regulators. These efforts have yielded many unique solutions to complex problems.

Mr. Kaufman is also currently providing assistance with construction implementation, mine and reclamation planning on several large earth moving projects across the country.

LDR INTERNATIONAL, COLUMBIA, MD. – January 1996 to May 1997
Positions Held: Associate – January 1996 to May 1997
Brian worked with LDR (Land, Design, Research) as a project manager and team member on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Improvement Study (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) and the Harborpark Redevelopment (Kenosha, Wisconsin). His leadership and skills earned him additional responsibilities on significant assignments including urban design and residential redevelopment projects.

EDAW, Inc., Denver, CO – Summer 1995
Positions Held: Landscape Architecture Intern
EDAW is consistently ranked among the world’s leading design firms specializing in landscape architecture and urban design and land planning.

DESIGN WORKSHOP, Denver, CO – Summer 1994
Positions Held: Landscape Architecture Intern
Design Workshop is an award-winning, international firm practicing landscape architecture, land planning, urban design and tourism planning.


B.S., Landscape Architecture, 1995; The Pennsylvania State University.

Speaking Engagements

February 2008
Landscape Architecture and Mining, invited speaker, Department of Landscape Architecture, Penn State University.


The following grants were achieved through Mr. Kaufman’s efforts:

  • January 2006 Taylor Colliery Redevelopment Project, Taylor, Pennsylvania. Project granted admittance to PADEP’s Brownfield Action Team Program.
  • June 2006 Taylor Colliery Redevelopment Project, Taylor, Pennsylvania. EPA Assessment Grant. In collaboration with Malcolm Pirnie. Funded: $350,000.
  • November 2006 Taylor Colliery Redevelopment Project, Taylor, Pennsylvania. Growing Greener Grant. In collaboration with Pasonick Engineering. Funded: $110,000.
  • March 2008 Taylor Colliery Redevelopment Project, Taylor, Pennsylvania. Growing Greener Grant. In collaboration with Pasonick Engineering. Funded: $750,000.


  • Northeast Pennsylvania Business Journal, Recognized Brian as One of the Top 20 Professionals in Northeast Pennsylvania Under the Age of 40, 2006
  • American Society of Landscape Architects, Honor Award, 1994
  • College of Arts and Architecture, The Pennsylvania State University, Creative Achievement Award, 1993
  • The Pennsylvania State University Faculty, Excellence in the Study of Landscape Architecture Award, 1993-1994
  • The Pennsylvania State University Faculty, Creative Design Award, 1993


  • 1995 to date
    Member, The American Society of Landscape Architects
  • 2008 to date
    Board Member, Lackawanna River Corridor Association
  • Rail-Trail Council of Northeastern Pennsylvania – Life Member
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