Chad Drzewiecki – Associate GIS Specialist


Mr. Drzewiecki has a diverse background in Geology and GIS (as well as other mapping systems and techniques). His educational background along with his field experience allows him to perform a variety of complex tasks and provide effective solutions. Mr. Drzewiecki has worked in a variety of disciplines dealing with issues related to mining, such as field geologic investigation (exploratory drilling, field mapping, etc.), reserve studies/technical writing, map development and interpretation, aerial photography/photogrammetry, as well as aiding in quarry planning. He also has experience in various GIS applications in industries unrelated to mining.


Kaufman Engineering, Inc. – June 2012 – Present (May 2011 – Aug 2011 Internship)

Current Position: GIS Specialist/Geologist


Responsibilities as a GIS Specialist/Geologist include development of digital quarry models through the use of aerial photogrammetry, contour generation, associated volumetric calculations, surface map production, historical mine map/air photo Georeferencing and interpretation, as well as creating and maintaining large raster based databases. Mr. Drzewiecki has experience in creating 3D subsurface geologic models through the integration of CAD and GIS systems. His experience as a Geologist has allowed him to conduct reserve studies, develop and supervise exploratory drilling investigations, conduct subsidence potential analyses, and make recommendations in a variety of surface mining situations.


Mr. Drzewiecki has conducted a verity of aerial investigations including photogrammetric missions, low altitude UAV photographic and videography missions, as well as Thermal Infrared studies to locate and delineate the surface expression of underground mine fires.


Advantage Engineers – January 2012 – May 2012

Positions Held: GIS/Geologist (internship)

GIS – create and maintain a large database of GIS/CAD files that could be easily navigated by both CAD technicians and GIS analysts.

Geology – responsible for planning and supervising various geotechnical investigations including soil profile logging and shallow groundwater testing and monitoring. Mr. Drzewiecki worked closely with other Geologists/Hydrogeologists to create groundwater models in a variety of scenarios.


Appraisal and Marketing Associates, Inc. – May 2009 – Aug 2010

Positions Held: GIS Internship

GIS – Mr. Drzewiecki was responsible for creating and maintaining a large database of GIS information including parcel (and associated assessment information), aerial images, and an assortment of other associated tabular data. The majority of his work at Appraisal and Marketing Associates, Inc. dealt with building several large reports that contained data driven maps and word documents for several thousand properties (spanning 6 counties in Pennsylvania). These reports were used in property value litigation.



Shippensburg University – Geo Environmental Studies Bachelors of Science, GIS Certificate (2008-2012)

Valley Aviation (Forty Fort, PA) – Private Pilot Certificate 2013

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